Wednesday, November 7, 2012

register the website to google, yahoo, ask, and bing

Url Submit google

1. following link:
2. Typing the url address of your web site. example:

2. Enter your comments about this web site, usually I just enter my web name like Stockhausen

3. Enter the captcha text correctly.

4. Select Add Url

Url Submit Yahoo 

You must have an account on yahoo, if you do not already have an account you can register for free. If already you can simply follow these steps:

1. Follow the following link address:

2. Sign in using your yahoo Id.

3. Typing your web site url, example:

4. Select Submit Url
Submit Url in Bing

Bing search engines is being developed by Microsoft's newly published. The following steps list the web in the bing.

1. Follow the following link

2. Captcha text typed correctly.

3. Enter your url, example:

4. Select Submit Url 

Submit Url in ASK 

ASK does not have a feature to submit the url, but you can submit your sitemap web site. Typing your address sitemap URLs by replacing bold text below. 3A / / URL 

You have successfully registered your web site into a search engine


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